Folded Frame is Star

My wee cousin Brooke is turning 10 in a few days so I sat down to create a girly birthday card that is just a little more grown up than what I would usually give her.  I wanted to use my Stampin’ Around Wheel Classic Stars but somehow wanted it to be the main focus…

Making sure I end up with a large star fairly central, I wheeled across the top, and placed a folded frame around it, on dimensionals to really make it POP:

This folded frame highlights just part of my Stampin’ Around Wheel image


The frame is quite simple to create, just determine your size and hold a strong metal ruler horizontally across the card giving you a reference point to fold down to, and then work your way around. You can make the frame as thin or wide as you like – just cut your card strip to suit your project.

I’ve then used the Party Hearty sentiment as a background as well as the actual message and added Riding Hood Red Taffeta Ribbon tied with a button as embellishment.  I am really happy with how the pink and red theme has worked out with this card.  Now I just have to figure out what you buy a 10 year old who has everything???
Catch you soon…
Jan x



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