Handmade Cards, Lots of Bots (Stampin' Up!)

Outdone by a 6 year old Crafter

As you read this I will be soaking up the sun in 27 degrees Coral Bay sunlight – hope you enjoy this little look into my household activities during school holidays…

Laurenz (Master, 6)

Mum I want to make a get well card for my friend Ellie with my broken arm robot stamp

Mum (Seasoned Card Maker, 35)

Ok darling you choose exactly what colours you want from your stash (I gave him a huge stack of card etc for his birthday during the holidays) and I will get the inks out that you would like…

So he proceeded to make the most AMAZING card – the only thing I helped him do was cut out the last half of his robot because he wanted to keep the broken coil/spring at the top and thought he would probably cut it off.

I love how he has just sticky taped the robot on – how cute is that adhesive option???

Tools/ techniques Laurenz used WITHOUT a refresher on how:

  • Aqua painters to colour in Robot
  • Masking sentiment off the “Happy Couple” stamp with sticky tape and just coloured the hearts with a Stampin’ marker
  • Folding corner and attaching brad
  • Punching little love hearts, chopping mini dimensionals up and attaching
  • Chopping sentiment up and attaching with dimensional

Need I go on?

I am proud as punch and …I LOVE HIS COLOUR COMBINATION!

Mum (Seasoned Card Maker, 35)

Laurenz honey can I please case your card which means I love it so much that I would like to copy it?

Laurenz (Master, 6)

Of course you can Mum!

Here is my version:

This is my first attempt at an aperture card – and I realise that my dimensional positioning leaves a little to be desired as you can see them through the window sheet – I will set them back further next time 🙂

But I was right about Laurenz’s colour combo – My version is Perfect Plum, Pink Pirouhette, with a hint of Riding Hood Red ink as a focal point in the image – exactly like my boy did.

6 thoughts on “Outdone by a 6 year old Crafter”

  1. Oh Jan, it’s a hard decision! I love both of them. Aren’t boys beautiful? I love the way they craft. Laurenz did a fabulous job.

  2. I really like the Laurenz’s!!! I think yours it great too but it’s the layout of the other, the heart placement and I don’t know it’s just got something special about it!! 🙂
    Love your AMAZING owl card too by the way from JAI can’t find it here to leave a comment!! SUPER JOB!!
    Smiles SHarnee 🙂

  3. Hi Jan,

    looks like I should turn my 7 year old loose in my stampin supplies more often! Laurenz’s card is amazing (I like your too 😉 My most favourite bit – the row of hearts at the bottom – fabulous!


  4. Ummm… will I be in trouble if I say I love Laurenz’s?? Wanna know what sealed the deal? The sticky tape. It’s such a great visual metaphor – sticking someone back together again the best way you know how. Love it!!

    Okay, so maybe I analyse card-making a little too much… lol

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