Technology and Lego

Just had to pop back and tell you about our day at the Radu household… I don’t often post personal on here, but I just had to share this with you.  Have your kids ever been on ? It is an amazing website for kids full of games and mini movie clips – just so much for them to browse around (head to the products tab and they can click on whichever kind of Lego they like e.g. Hero Factory and then from there, see all the games etc related to those products).  And what I love about this site as the content is completely safe for my kids!

Now the amazing thing about today is that we discovered that you can browse and download the PDF of just about every Lego instruction manual ont he market. Now this obviously comes in handy if you misplace one – but lets just say you have a Lego whiz for a 7 year old, your 5 year old is pretty great at it too and you have an underbed storage container over flowing with Lego?

First we browsed here  and chose instructions that we thought we had most of the pieces for and if not exactly, we thought we could “improvise” (one of our favourite words in this house).  At first we were going to print them but I was lamenting over all the ink I’d go through when I had a brain storm – I saved the PDF to file, added it to my iTunes library and from there, we transferred onto my iPad – perfect! The kids sat the iPad on the floor next to them and started to find pieces and build to the instructions.

This was at 8:30am.  it’s now nearly 6pm and we have had a small break for lunch, swim and dinner – that’s it!

The even better thing is that most of the instructions to download from this link I’ve given you are small 3 in 1 models – beauty!

Kyan excitedly told me that they “got” new Lego toys today – they just had to use their own pieces – how good is that! And for Laurenz who basically only wants new Lego so that he can conquer the instructions – this is just awesome! New instructions at no cost!

I’ve just had another look around the site and found a link to customer service where you can access 3300  building instructions online – all you need is Adobe Acrobat to view them – Oh My!

So get on over to sign your kids up to Lego Club if you want to personalise their experience, or just browse the site as a visitor and away they go – you won’t regret it! It can be quite interactive where kids can create and upload to show off their building skills…

Laurenz created this big guy yesterday and we uploaded it to a Create and Share Board today for all to see – he stands about 30cm high!

And Kyan loves the “build your own Hero” in the Hero Factory Section 🙂

One thought on “Technology and Lego

  1. I grew up loving Lego and now I have three boys who love playing with Lego. Love the Lego web site. We also download instructions to the computer but will now transfer instructions to the ipad so they can take the ipad to the Lego room.
    Just purchased Lego plates to stick onto scrapbook pages so their sets are not missing pieces.

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