3D Paper Craft, Artistically Inked (Stampin' Up!)

Pretty Handmade Packaging

I shared Sunday afternoon stamping with two lovely ladies and a selection of kits from the Stampin' Up! Kits Collection. What a relaxing way to spend a rainy afternoon! As a little "attendance" gift, I created some pretty packaging for handmade soaps created by local artisans - and didn't they turn out just gorgeous? Would… Continue reading Pretty Handmade Packaging

3D Paper Craft

A Thank You Gift For A Loved Teacher

My 5 year old's pre-primary teacher is wonderful.  She has nurtured and encouraged the kids to read and write and explore the world of words and Kyan has just responded so well to her style of teaching.  Unfortunately she was filling in for another teacher's maternity leave which is over so will be leaving the… Continue reading A Thank You Gift For A Loved Teacher